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 البرنامج الرائع للتعديل على الصور واضافه الثأثيرات عليها Zoner Photo Studio Pro v14.0

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مُساهمةموضوع: البرنامج الرائع للتعديل على الصور واضافه الثأثيرات عليها Zoner Photo Studio Pro v14.0   السبت يناير 28, 2012 7:53 pm

البرنامج الرائع للتعديل على الصور واضافه الثأثيرات عليها Zoner Photo
Studio Pro v14.0.1.4 + الكيجن وعلى سرفر مباشر ويدعم الاستكمال

Zoner Photo Studio Pro v14.0.1.4 + Keygen

[Software INFO:]
Zoner Photo Studio 13 is a powerful program for organizing, viewing,
editing and sharing photos. The program is recognized as a package
ACDSee Pro Photo Manager, but has much more possibilities. With this
program you can also create DVD-albums, calendars, layouts, online photo
galleries, three-dimensional and panoramic pictures as well as many
others ..

The main features of Zoner Photo Studio:

Import Images
Support: All types of digital cameras, including mass storage device is
USB and Canon, watching over the TWAIN interface, a global search on the
Web images and receive data from the Clipboard. Support for converting
photos into a format Canon RAW (CRW).

Photo Editing and Tools Extensions
All you need is to increase the pictures and removing image defects:
editing of colors, sharpness, and histogram levels, shadow brightening;
Red-eye Reduction, noise, and chromatic defects; Editing perspective,
horizon, and collinearity, stamp analogs rotation (rotate); cropping,
batch processing.

Effects Images
Stunning Mirror Effects: blast, painting in oils, old photographs,
pencil drawing, halftone, dye effects, and more. Frames, envelopes, soft
shadows, transparencies, borders, and more.

Manage your digital archive
De******ions, **** and audio notes, keywords, and cataloging of external
media devices (CD-ROMs and DVDs). Searching, filtering and sorting
operations on files, batch renaming and conversion.

Unlimited possibilities for printing and posting photos
Print using graphic templates; export jobs to print in format PDF;
gallery network, optimizing images for sending via e-mail, write CD /
DVD, including an external viewer; recording format VideoCD; slideshow,
including transition effects

Supports GPS
GPS navigation devices are becoming a regular feature of daily life.
Therefore, the program Zoner Photo Studio once again complemented by
support for assigning geographical coordinates of photos with automatic
connection with known GPS devices and then displays in on-line and
off-line maps. Photos, complemented by precise localization, receive
regular benefits, which are suitable not only for tourists but also
employees of companies and organizations, working with cameras in the

Web Galerie

There are many special programs for creating web galleries HTML,
however, Zoner Photo Studio includes this feature in the base price
versions of Home and Professional. You can very easily create a gallery
of HTML, using a visual wizard with an automatically generated according
to pre-prepared templates. You do not need to possess knowledge of any
programming code sites but, despite this, you can quickly and
effortlessly create a well-designed site with your pictures. On the set
of HTML generated images can be immediately viewed in Internet browser,
save it to disk or directly write to the address you want via [ندعوك للتسجيل في المنتدى أو التعريف بنفسك لمعاينة هذا الرابط]

Packet operation

Zoner Photo Studio - is a very powerful tool for batch processing of
images and repetitive actions. Ability to handle a photo of the team
will assess each user, which handles a large number of photos. Nightmare
- process, for example, 500 photographs taken during the holidays,
becomes a pushover.

You can achieve striking effects:
"When you create panoramas
"When you create 3D-image
"When you convert to grayscale and other manipulation of the color
"When correcting flash
"When you create paintings and antique photographs
"Pobavlyaya waves and grain
"Making out photo frames, lines, muted shades, etc.

Getting the images:

"Support for all types of digital cameras (USB Mass Storage and Canon)
"Scanning via TWAIN, downloading images from websites
"Advanced screen capture and transfer data from the Clipboard
"Convert (" call ") format Canon RAW (CRW)

Vse to improve your photos and removing image defects:
"Edit exposure with levels and curves
"Edit colors, sharpen, clarify shadows
"Remove red-eye"
"Reduction of noise and chromatic defects
"Correction of barreling and prospects
"Straighten the horizon and the converging lines
"Tools for retouching: clone stamp, iron, brush and fill, rotate and crop
"Batch operations with photos


Step 1: unpack rar archive
Step 2: run the setup and install
Step 3: Use the given keygen to activate
Step 4: Enjoy..

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البرنامج الرائع للتعديل على الصور واضافه الثأثيرات عليها Zoner Photo Studio Pro v14.0
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