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 اقدم اليكم الرائعة Shade: Wrath of Angels

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مُساهمةموضوع: اقدم اليكم الرائعة Shade: Wrath of Angels    الإثنين ديسمبر 06, 2010 3:53 pm

اقدم اليكم الرائعة Shade: Wrath of Angels

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Shade: Wrath of Angels

PC game | Genre: Horror Action Adventure | 192 Mb

Shade: Wrath of Angels boasts 30 levels of intense action, featuring environments from the modern day, Middle-Ages, Ancient Egypt and the mysterious Shadowland. The player takes on the role of a secretive ex-military mercenary, who receives a letter from his brother asking to meet him in an old Eastern European town. Once there the player finds the town strangely quiet - until he discovers dead bodies, frighten soldiers and scientists running away from the town. It is at this point that the player first meets a sinister shadow being that offers him help and guidance for his adventure. As well as his advice, the shadow figure gives the player his servant – the Demon, which the gamer can morph into at anytime and whose physical strength and magic attacks will play an important part of the adventure.


* 3D action adventure in a 3rd person mode
* Cinematic storytelling spiced with thrilling atmosphere
* Long journy of destiny through present, medieval and mystery world of Shadows
* Use your brain, weapons are just for surviving
* Smart and original 3D engine, with maximum support for advanced 3D-card technology
* Almost 30 huge levels including an abandoned ruins, razed strongholds, cursed temples and more
* A million year old story finds you and brings great terror.

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اقدم اليكم الرائعة Shade: Wrath of Angels
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